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Dec 10, 2013 8:00am EST
look at the top headlines. a memorial service being held for nelson mandela today. president obama spoke this morning to a crowd which included world leaders, celebrities, royals, and tens of thousands of south africans. nelson mandela last thursday at age of 95. lulu lemon -- the founder of the company is stepping down as chairman. he will be replaced by the lead director. the ceo is also step down and will be replaced by former toms shoe president. all because of those sheer yoga pants. a drugmaker warns that its earnings will miss analysts estimates next year if regulators allow generic companies of a multiple -- of a multiple sclerosis drug. we will be back in two minutes. ♪ bitcoin has been a speculative frenzy lately. but will all the attention celebrating the 12 days of bitcoin -- not really a traditional holiday. matt miller is here for a day two. on the second day of bitcoin, matt miller gave to me -- what have we got? >> today is the day where i start experimenting with all the different kinds of stuff i can buy. each day we are going to do something different with bitc
Dec 6, 2013 8:00am EST
the pimco ceo get his take. president barack obama calls nelson mandela an example all aspire to.ould the president will likely attend mandela's funeral. japan's prime minister tells bloomberg he would like -- we have an exclusive interview later this hour. -- rate fell.te i want to bring in the chief washington correspondent peter cook and mike. you have been giving -- digging into the household survey and what that tells us about the market. >> yes. ist is really important here not only the level of the unemployment rate but the number of jobs created 818,000. the tin hat folks will love that. is a lot of job creation in the household survey. it is good news. for a look at the numbers the overall jobless rate come out to three digits. this month came in at 7.023%. below a six handle. the fed has been talking for 6.5% threshold. it will start a lot of hope among people out there that the job market is getting better. december they fall to a six percent number. >> building on that and what the will it be, how much on ben bernanke do something in december versus letting janet yellen ha
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2